I wrote this article as one of the first articles on the website and many of the pictures and scans are poor because that was the equipment that I had at the time.

Welcome to Tackley's

We have known Mike Tackley for many years now. There has never been a moment in all those years when that Mike didn't have something going togeather with wheels attached to it, a wild wonderful paint job, and largly too much horsepower. Mike's imagination knows no boundary... and we intend to show you what we mean by means of the following pages which will give you an idea what Mike has been up to recently... Please be sure your trays & seats are in their upright & lock positions.

Mike's 1950 Olds Coupe

This is one wild and wooly custom is in the old style, but totally modern. This is the car that brought me back to rodding and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this car. I have many experiences with this one including traveling the show and convention circuit for BASF paint company that featured this car and it's graphics.

Mike's longtime love, his 1932-5-w coupe

For 30 years Mike has owned and driven this neat little 1932 Ford Coupe. Always a show machine, he decided to paint it to match his Olds and the Harley Davidson. So he flamed it! Check it out.

Mike's latest project, the mighty Limo

Yes, elegance is alive and well in the heartland of America. Many of you remember that I bought a fine and stately 48 Caddy Limo a few years back and proposed cutting it up into a 4 dr. dually crew-cab for the transportation vehicle and getaway car for the famed "Senile Safari". Well, I promptly put it in storage and got caught up in the immediacy of the affairs of this club and there it sat. After a gracious period of aging I said to my self, I said "Self... you need to find a sucker and dump this thing", funny.. at that exact moment, Mike Tackley walks in the room. Old Farts Car Club member Mike Tackley decided he wanted the limo for a street rod and we decided to abandon the dually idea for the cash. Besides, we needed something bigger. Any how, Mike and Old Fart Charter Member John McNally, along with young whippsnapper Mike Hvostal began whacking on the Limo. Mike and John cleverly conned young Mike into doing most of the actual work while they stood back and plotted the changes they wanted to make.