hot rod hall of fame Bill Niekamp Roadster

1929 Ford Roadster built by Bill Niekam


The first ''America's Most Beautiful Roadster

In 1950 the National Roadster Show was held in California. The car that won that first America's most beautiful roadster trophy was a 1929 Ford roadster built by Bill Niekamp.
The body and custom nose and belly pan were constructed by the Clayton metal shop, owned by Whitey Clayton.
The car was built for the street and also racing on the dry lakes of southern California. The frame was a 1927 Essex with a 1942 Mercury flathead engine.
The roadster changed hands several times over the years and in the 50s and was owned by Delmar Brink in Bellflower California and was painted by Larry Watson in a beautiful root beer, candy color.
Somewhere in the 70s, Jim Jacobs, of Pete and Jake fame, restored the roadster as it was in the early days. After driving the car for years to Rod runs all over the country, he again restored it and the roadster appeared on the green of the Pebble Beach Concours as part of a group of Hot Rods selected to appear for the first time at Pebble Beach.
Sold to a private collector, it recently appeared at the 65 year Hot Rod celebration show with many of the cars the appeared on the c over of hot rod.
Bob Nugent