This is the members that we have records of from the original Old Farts Car Club roster from the state of Arizona.

Please check to see if you may be listed and we will get you installed in the new database of honored members.

This the only existing roster that we could find for the Old Farts Car Club from the state of Arizona.

Below are the names from the state of Arizona. See if your name is on the roster from Arizona.

If you see your name and town, click on your name and send us your Email address and we will get you updated and give you a warm welcome back bring you up to date and current for a FREE 1 year updated membership.

It's time to have fun again.

Roy I.
Russell C.
Craig D.
Robert Z
Russell H.
George j. B
Jim H.
Bill T.
Rio Rico
Donald M.
Carl C.
Lake Havasu City
Mel W.
Verne C.
Chuck K.
Apache Junction


If you have a Rod shop or Car club in the state of Arizona, please let me know so I can add you to the roster and link list.

Also send coming events from your state

click here to your Shop or club listed.




We do have some old members in the fine state of Arizona. Check for your name in the roster on the left. IUf you see your name, click here to send me your Email and we will get you updated.

The Old Fart Senile Safari has never been to Arizona and we need some input from you Older guys in that fine state. I have visited and enjoyed the beauty of Arizona on vacation and I know that there are a bunch of rust free iron out there. Send us some pictures.

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