This is the members that we have records of from the original Old Farts Car Club roster from the state of Arkansas.

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This the only existing roster that we could find for the Old Farts Car Club from the state of Arkansas.

Below are the names from the state of Arkansas. See if your name is on the roster from Arkansas.

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Randy W.
Greers Ferry
Norm G.
Lead Hill
David K.
Bobby J.
Phoenix City

Statre of Arkansas



At the infamous Old Farts Car Club tent at the tunnel at the Daytona International Speedway.

When was a kid, I helped start the ''Lil'' Deuce Coupe and imagine my surprise when it showed up at the Turkey Rod run at the Daytona international Speedway.

One of the most famous and iconic hotrods in history, the ''lil'' Deuce Coupe was started when my friend Clarence ''Chil'' Catallo and I drug it back to the gas station from Ziggy's body shop, (shed) behind his mother's house on Monroe street in Dearborn, Michigan.
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