This is the members that we have records of from the original Old Farts Car Club roster from the state of Kentucky.

Please check to see if you may be listed and we will get you installed in the new database of honored members.

This the only existing roster that we could find for the Old Farts Car Club from the state of Kentucky.

Below are the names from the state of Kentucky. See if your name is on the roster from Kentucky.

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Lowell Alvey
Roy Dale Chafin
Byron Edwards
Robert R. Gary
Bowling Green
Jack Harvey
Bowling Green
Steve HArvey
Jim Despain
Don Klapper
William B. Sisco
David Denton
Earl Wilson
Paul Schmitt
Carl D. Slucher Jr.
Harold Shartzer
Alan Bloomfield

Probably the most famous hotrod event in Kentucky is the National Street Rod Association Nationals in Louisville. Here is a shot of the Senille safari guys once again hitting the road.

The photo at the right is Louisville in 2009 when we took the Ridler award winning Deuceberg across country to Bonneville, Monterey Italian Concours, Goodguys at Pleasanton, And a photo shoot at the Street Rodder Magazine photo complex.

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