The Old Farts Car Club was started back in the 90s by a gentleman named Dennis Hubbard. Dennis had arrived at an age when he, like many others in the hot rod hobby, realized that they were getting a little long in the tooth. Being the kind of guy that he was he decided to approach the problem with humor and fun. He decided to form a club called the Old Farts Car Club, and that is where our journey begins.

Dennis, and a group of his friends, started the club and introduced it to the public at the Turkey Rod run at the Daytona international Speedway and other shows throughout the USA. The pictures you see above were taken over the years, as the membership in the club grew. The Old Farts Car Club became a landmark at the northeast turn of the Daytona International Speedway, over by the tunnel, where the Old Farts Car Club gathered every Thanksgiving for the meeting of the graybeards.

As the club grew, I became involved helping them design the logo and the artwork for the T-shirts and embroidery and every time I turned around, Dennis talked me into doing something else to advance the club. Dennis was quite a salesman. Over the years he became known and loved by everyone involved in the club, hobby, and those involved in the Turkey Rod Run.

Unfortunately, Dennis contracted cancer, and passed way too young, and those of us that were left decided to continue on in his honor. We traveled for several years to shows around the country gathering members and generally just have a bunch of fun. It's unfortunately a tornado at the Good Guys Indy show literally wiped out the inventory, and unfortunately also wiped out the club.

At the time, I had not yet retired so we decided to fold it up and quietly closed down the club. That brings us to today and the new frontier of the Internet where we can reach so many more than we could in the old days with the mailing and printing of the newsletter. So now that I have retired, I've decided to pick up the mantle, as stated above, and rise, like a Phoenix, from the ashes and start up, once again, the Old Farts Car Club.

At the club's height we had over 3000 members, and from the old records, we have many of the members names. Back then few members had an e-mail address as the Internet was in its infancy. We invite any of the old members to contact us let us see if we can find your name in the O.F.C.C. roster and get an Email address so we can start having some fun again.

Original Members of the Old Farts Car Club by State



If you would like to keep up to date on what other Old Farts are doing, send us an Email and if you belonged to the Old Farts before, we can update your info.