Richard Munz Collection
Richard Munz Collection | Summer 0f 2012
Madison, Wisconsin
Pictures by Kirk Jones and the Goodguys organization
A Hot Rods Online Photo Expose
Richard Munz Collection

RVM Classics is near downtown Madison. It is located in an eclectic area that is mostly apartments occupied by UW College students.

The building has been superbly restored by Richard. In the "day" it functioned as a Taxicab company. It is a concrete building two stories tall, plus the basement. There are circular ramps that allow cars to be driven both up and down from the main level.

As you enter, it is evident that Richard is a detail-oriented person. The ambience is perfect.There are many displays and they are well thought out and organized. There is artwork and significant photos everywhere.

Richard and his partner Jim Busby, along with Richard's grandsons are accomplished Bonneville Salt racers. His record holding roadster was not present, but a nice tribute to it addresses visitors when they cross the threshold. BTW, the re-established their record again this year. I believe this is the third time they bumped their own record.

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Richard Munz Collection

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