Louis Bettancourt, 1949 Merc

Classification: Custom
Constructed by: Louis Bettencourt (Gil Ayala, Barris Bros.)
Circa: 1949
Current Owner:?

Louis Bettancourt,'49 Mercury. We can hunker on five-gallon thinner cans in the corner of the garage and debate this one for the next decade. Which chopped '49-'51 Merc makes the list? It's even debatable which was the first one chopped. Bettancourt bought this car new and took it to Gil and Al Ayala's shop, where it was chopped with the B pillars slanted forward, the "hump" hammered out of the doors and rear quarters for a full fadeaway fender line, the hood corners rounded front and rear, and the headlights extended.

Meanwhile, Sam Barris was performing similar mods to his own '49 Merc, though not to the same extent, which is why his was probably the first completed. After 18 months at Ayala's, Louie took his car to Barris', where it was finished with "Deep Burgundy Wine" paint, handmade frenched taillights, Kaiser bumper guards,'53 Stude wheel covers, and a grille made from '54 Ford parts.

Need an update on this car.

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