Bob McGee/Dick Scritchfield,'32

Classification: Rod
Constructed by: Bob McGee
Circa: 1948
Current Owner: ?


Ford roadster. Still one of the lowest hiboys around, McGee's red Deuce is shown as it appeared on the October '48 Hot Rod cover. A custom hood, dash, and novel trunk that extended to the gas tank were made by Whitey Clayton. After a front-end wreck in '55, Dick Hershberg bought the car, installed a new Chevy V8, and painted it yellow. L.A. Roadsters founding president Dick Scritchfield bought it in '56, adding through-the-hood headers and the first-ever Metalflake (red) paint job. The car has been seen in more than a dozen movies, and countless TV shows, ads, and magazine stories. In '70-'71 it became the world's fastest street roadster by setting a C/SR record of 167mph at Bonneville-in full street-driven trim, less windshield and mufflers-that stood nearly a decade! Scritch sold the car to Brian LaBonge. We need an update on this car if anyone can fill us in or tell us the present owner.

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