Jimmy Summers 1940 Merc

Classification: Custom
Constructed by: Jimmy Summers
Circa: 1946
Current Owner:?

Jimmy Summers,'40 Mercury convertible. In this rare color photograph, with the Carson top removed, Summers' metallic green Merc represents the best of an era of customizing largely lost to us because there were no car magazines then and few remaining photos now. With its channeled body, chopped windshield, raised fenders, sectioned hood, shaved chrome, teardrop skirts, removed running boards, chrome gravel shields, and a handmade grille similar to a '39 Buick, it epitomizes the smooth, slick '40s custom. Initially Ruby Maroon, it was built about 1946, but Summers had been crafting customs like this since the '30s in his L.A. shop. The car was sold to someone in Texas around 1950, and reportedly ended up in South America.

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