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The beginning of this hot rod website began on the Internet in 1993 and was first just on a Macointosh users message board that we linked to the Internet using a very long URL. We wanted to cover the hot rod hobby and it's evolution into street rods, and traditional hot rods

We registered on the Web in 1994 and have been online ever since. We became the home site for the Old Farts Car Club and traveled to many hot rod, and street rod runs all over the country. We met many friends and the adventures are still on the site for you to take a trip back in time and enjoy. We have thousands of pages of cars and hot rod runs dating back to the early years. Since my retirement, I have taken over the website mechanics and am learning as I go. Not the latest bells and whistles, but enough to bring you coverage of your hobby. has been on the Internet really before ratrods and traditional rods were in vogue. It was just the hotrodding family and we enjoyed many years of traveling. With retirement we are now just enjoying going to shows and reporting here on and bringing coverage from friends all over the country.
We do not care what kind of car you like, we bring all facets of the car collecting hobby to our site and hope you enjoy them all. If you have suggestions about the site, feel free to contact me at the link below

We enjoy your input and comments

If you want to submit coverage of hot rod or street rod events, please do so. Occasionally we will have some ads to pay the bills and encourage you to check out ads that will relate to the hobby. We will remove anything that we find offensive.
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