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Rod Runs 2011

Great pics from out of the past. remember that the digital revolution in photography was in it's infancy.


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Rod runs from 2011

  • Pumpkin Run The Pumpkin Run is held every early November, at Flemings Auto Parts in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. It is one of the most unique car events on the east coast, held in an old salvage yard.
    Photos by Lyle Willits
  • Hot Rod Reunion Thanks to Marcus Edell for some cool coverage of the 2011 Hot Rod Reunion. Iconic Chrisman drag cars and the Isky roadster, plus many of the all time old drag cars and racers from the era.
  • Jalopyrama Inside the Armory This show is the baby of Mike Szuba and the National Guard Armory in Annapolis, MD. This show is to raise funds for the Providence Center of Anne Arundel County for adults.
  • Jalopyrama Outside This is a neat happening and actually two shows in one. This is where the majority of the cars are, as they lined the National Armory.
  • Moonshine Festival A great show that is growing each year by leaps and bounds. Main feature is the number of 1940 Fords that populate the town square. Also the Moonshine myseum and the surrounding parking lot is filled with every type of vehicle. This is the town that was the start of NASCAR and the home of Awesome Bill Elliott. If you loved Thunder Road, you will love this show.
  • Goodguys Lonestar at Texas Motor Speedway Thanks to Kirk Jones and the Goodguys for the photo coverage.
  • 14th Annual Mobtown Greaseball Great show from the Moose Lodge at Dundalk MD. Photos by Lyle Willits
  • Hot Rod Fallout Thanks to Scott Ackley for the coverage of this event held at the Elks Club Pavilion in Glastonbury, Ct.
  • Billetproof at Antioch Another group of pictures from the HAMB message Board and contributor 49ratfink. Billetproof is a fast growing show and features some of the best that Cal. has to offer.
  • Hotrod of the year Kirk Jones, editor of the Goodguys Gazette had some cool pictures from the selection of the Hotrod of the Year award and other pictures including the drags.
  • Goodguys at the Brickyard Ron Hensley took some great photos at the debut of the Goodguys at the Brickyard for the 2011 Speedway Nationals
  • El Mirage Sept 2011 Doug Hayes is a regular contributor here and this is his coverage of the El Mirage dry lakes speed trials on Sept. 2011
  • 25th West Coast Nationals The Goodguys show in Pleasanton as provided by the Kirk Jones photographic expertise. Thanks Goodguys.
  • Bonneville Folder 2 More great coverage of the 2011 Bonneville speed trials. Thanks to Devin Poorman for the coverage
  • The Nugget Casino During Bonnevilleweek, there are nightly get togethers at the Nugget Casino. Mark Meyers covered the event for us.
  • Bonneville folder one This folder is from Brady McIntyre showing coverage of the Speedweek at Binneville.
  • Auctions at Monterey During Monterey weekend, there are three auctions in town featuring top of the line collector cars. Another English Bob photo collection.
  • Laguna Seca Leguna Seca races on the Monterey weekend. Today, Leguna Seca and SCRAMP is the most important economic and charitable organization in Monterey County. Thanks English Bob for the photos
  • NSRA Nationals at Louisville Thanks to Richard Ramsey for the photos from the Annual Louisville Nationals. Many later years cars, but the real old hotrods and traditional rods were still in abundance.
  • Goodguys at Puyallop, CA This is a great and laid back show that is always a showcase for west coast cars.
  • Nationals at Columbus Goodguys biggy at Columbus, Kirk Jones provided the photos.
  • Goodguys at Des Moines Goodguys Mid America show in Des Moines that is an oldie but goodie.
  • Muscle Car Madness at the York Reunion This is a fantastic show and thanks to Lyle Willits for the coverage. Irecognize the little yellow 27 T roadster that we took to Pebble Beach last year. Great show.
  • Annual Iola Swap Meet and car show. Thanks to Paul Kruse for the photos from the Midwest Car Show and Swap Meet. This is the place to go for those hard to find parts. Thanks, Paul.
  • Geezers at the Grove Beatnic Parate from the HGAMB forum and Big Al Liebman, both sent photos of the Geezer at the Grove Reunion at the Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA. Between all the awesome iron and the members of drag racing's historical royalty that show up, this is a premier event.
  • Palo Alto Concours D_Elegance Todd Olson has some great photos of the cars of the Palo Alto Concours and there was some significant hotrods and customs that on the show field. Really Spectacular cars and some really historic ones also.
  • Rocky Mountain Nationals More coverage from Mike Bourg, and it is the NSRA Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals at the Colorado State Fairgrounds, in Pueblo, Colorado. Thanks, Mike.
  • Back to the Fifties Thanks to John "Murphy" Seffl for the coverage of the Minnesota street rod association's Back to the Fifties car show at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. This is a must see for any car guy or girl. Back in the nineties, I wrote a few articles for the newsletter and my hats off to Sandy Felde who has produced the newsletter for years. Good job, Sandy
  • NHRA Museum 2011 Doug Hayes took many photos here at the museum and at the swap meet below. The events were at the Fairplex and since the museum is constantly changing, Doug decided to check it out again.
  • L.A. Roadster Show and Swap Meet This is the 32nd year of this show and swap meet. Put on by the L.A. Roadsters car club and it is one of the coolest swap meet in the world. If its for a hotrod, sportscar, or anything automotive, this is the event. Thanks, Doug.
  • 2011 Great Race A coordinated effort between Corky Coker, of Coker Tires, and Hemmings Motor News to continue the tradition of the Great Race. This is the first leg of the timed rally that goes from Chattanooga, Tn to Hemmings headquarters in Bennington, VT.
  • Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum We revisit this excellent motorcycle museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina as it was the first stop on the 2011 running of the Great race. This is a fantastic museum dedicated to the motorcycle in all of it's history of racing, war, civilian, and police use. Great place and Dale Walksler is a genius in the history of the motorcycle.
  • Lead Scene East A great show sent to us by Lyle Willits of the custom show put on by Video Bob and the Oakside Community Park in Biglerville, PA.
  • Fallen Heroes Memorial Car Show Many car shows are done, not for profit, but to benefit a good and worthy cause. No cause is more noble than the fallen heroes that give their all for their fellow man. Thanks to Lyle Willits for this coverage, and God bless the fallen heroes.
  • 14th Goodguys Colorado Nationals Some excellent photos from Mike Bourg. Goodguys at the Ranch Events Center in Loveland Colordao
  • All Ford Show From the Bellevue Community College in Kent, Washington, HAMB forum member Boones send some excellent coverage of some very nice cars. Boones has provided many articles from car shows across the country. Thanks Boone.
  • Unfinished Nationals From the Paris Ontario Fairgrounds in Canada come the Unfinished Nationals with photo coverage by Gil Gaudet
  • Doheny Wood 2011 HAMB forum member Boones sends some photos of one of the coolest shows in the Northwest. Woodies by the hundreds, in all shapes and sizes.
  • Streetrod Nationals East Lyle Willits bring us a bunch of photos from the NHRA event in York, PA. Lyle covers a lot of events and we look forward to more coverage from him in the future.
  • Streetrod Nationals East Sunday. Additional Sunday coverage from the Street rod Nationals East from Lyle Willits.
  • Antique Nationals 2011 From our prolific photographer friend from Southern California, Doug Hayes, comes great coverage of the 2011 Antique Nationals at the Fontana Speedway
  • Detroit Dragway Reunion Matt Brehmer send us some pictures of the Detroit Dragway Reunion held May 23rd at the Milan Dragway in southern Michigan. Some very fine examples of sixties racers and graybeards were on hand for the event.
  • Beatersville 2011 Traditional rods and customs abound at the Beatersville gathering and Tim Labold, a classic car dealer in Bowling Green, Ky send us his photos from the event. May 29th
  • Santa Maria 2011 Santa Maria is the new home of what used to be Paso Robles and is getting good reviews. These photos are from Richard Soto, and the event was held May 27-8-9 at the Santa Maria Fairpark.
  • El Mirage 2011 From the El Mirage lake beds of southern California, the SCTA has had speed trials for over 60 years. This is the latest and it is provided by Doug Hayes.
  • Stray Kats 500 From downtown Dewey, Ok, Ken Lytle gives us coverage of the Stray Kat 500. Ken is TrucknCoupe on the HAMB forum.
  • Viva Las Vegas From the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, Michael Hogan gives us coverage of this traditional rod show and happening on the Vegas strip.
  • Run to the Sun Myrtle Beach Dave Healey provides coverage of the Run to the Sun at the Old Myrtle Square Mall.
  • Delmar Nostalgia drags Ron Podsladsly sent his phots of the Goodguys Meguiar's Nationals in Del Mar California.
  • Best of Times Nostalgia Drags Big Al Liebman has provided photos and he and his crew did some old time racing in a Mustang.
  • Lone Star Roundup 2011 This fast growing event is a definite happening for the traditional hot rod movement and is a definite must for your hot rod calendar.
  • 23rd Run to the Sun 2011
    Pictures by Dave Healey from the HAMB
    Pee Dee Street Rodders and the City of Myrtle Beach. Old Myrtle Square Mall.| March 17_19th 2011
    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
    Proceeds from the show go to the Children's Miracle network and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
    2010 Proceeds of $90,000
  • 2011 Grand National Roadster Show Some great photos from Rik Hoving of the Grand National Roadster Show and the Suede Palace display of the 75 most significant customs. This was a once in a lifetime exhibit and Rik was instrumental in putting this together with the show promoters.
  • Nethercutt Collection Mitch Maciel's buddy had 6 passes to the Nethercutt Collection so he invited Mitch and his wife to go along on the guided tour. I must say that Mr. Nethercutt had extremely discriminating taste in automobiles.
  • Sacramento Autorama Another great, long running, southern california show and we thank Brian Rusk for the coverage.
  • Detroit Autorama The long running and prestigious Detroit Autorama had many more cars this year, and the quality was fantastic. The Ridler award was a tough choice and a 1956 Ford Convertible from Okla. was the winner. We got in three hours before the show opened and got some great photos before the crowd.
  • The basement at Autorama Every year we go down in the basement of the Detroit Autorama and see some neat cars, products, and some old friends. Traditional and some crazy cartoon cars are all down there.
  • The General Motors Heritage collection Every few years, a group of enthusiaists put together a tour of the GM Heritage collection. GM has gathered the most of their collection of showcars and restored examples of their production, and they are here in this collection.



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