The history of the name Hotrod

This is my theory


When I first opened the website in 1993 I received a question about the origin of the name hotrod. I typed out the following and mailed it to myself and registered it, so I would have a record.

Where did the name hotrod come from.
When I was 13, I lived next door to a policeman in Dearborn Michigan. I asked him where the name came from. He said it was a police term used firest to describe a firearm, later a souped up car., but it had it's origins in the early age of the firearm. When muskets were loaded and the powder was loaded with a ram rod. If the battle was fierce, the rod would become red hot to the touch. The person in battle was a called hotrodder, a person fiercely in battle, or ready to do battle.
As time went on and guns changed, it still was called a rod along with other names, but primarily called a rod. This is where the police part comes in. Police began to call the piece used in the commission of a crime, a hot rod. They also used the term Gat, which was short for Gatling gun, the first automatic weapon They also called the person using a gun in the commission of a crime, as using a hot rod. So it was a police terminology, or slang, for a hot gun or hot rod used quickly at the drop of a hat.
Now, I always believed this, but it was years later that I found proof.
I was watching an old movie made in the early forties, call "the devil hitches a ride", and in that movie a cop involved in a car chase, said over the radio that he was following a suspect and the guy was "packing a hot rod". There was the proof. So this is the most logical explanation that I have ever heard
When I heard that cop yell into the police radio, He's carrying a hot rod, i knew that what my old policeman friend had said was true.
So that i how I believe the name hotrod came about.
The term Gowjobs was simply used to describe a combination "show and go" rod

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